10 Signs You’re #MadAboutShoes

You’re hopelessly obsessed with shoes. You literally cannot get enough shoes in your life. You need another pair because they’re pretty, because they’re not the norm, because you want to and because you can. You keep telling yourself you’ll give up shoe shopping but you’re not a quitter.

As one shoe lover to another, it’s ok, we get it. We’re totally Mad About Shoes too. This post is for all you shoe-aholics out there.

1. The first thing you notice when you meet someone new is what shoes they’re wearing.


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Celebrating Mother’s Day – A tribute to Shoe Connection’s Mum’s style

Without a doubt, our mothers are the most important ladies in our lives. Whether we like it or not, over the years we’ve collected and compartmentalised memories of our mothers donning the craziest perms, tackiest jerseys and the most incredible shoes!! Today on the blog, we pay homage to all mums by celebrating Shoe Connection’s mother’s finest fashion moments.
Happy Mother’s Day! We love you X

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