Loafer Love – The Hottest Styles Of The Season

Classic design meets contemporary chic with the latest revival of the penny loafer trend. The loafer has become the number one silhouette for the urban fashionista with the ability to transverse the seasons and remain in vogue. From minimalist inspired designs to the latest prints and patterns, the trusted loafer provides endless styling opportunities for all occasions.

Sleek, chic and polished, preppy-styled loafers will have you top of the class!
Combining strong details and luxury materials adds an element of finesse to your image.
With horse-bit trims, tassels and fringes, stand out with details galore.

Sheen and be seen in the most mesmerizing metallic loafers. Make an outfit pop
with a glistening addition to your look. Pretty and glam, electrify your style
with shining silvers, gorgeous golds, rusty roses and shimmering pinks.

Minimalist style and charm take over with the loafer. Pare-back your look with timeless styles
for perfectly pleasing corporate and casual wear. Opt for simple elegance with refined
design through simple tailoring and clean lines for smart sophistication.

Show off in the most impressive prints of the season to spice up your look.
Whether you want to create an eye-catching focal point or you simply want to keep
your style fresh, adding a print to your loafers will do the trick!

Take a pair of loafers for a spin this season. Carefully crafted in the most
beautiful designs, this sophisticated silhouette is perfect for day to day wear.
From work to the weekend and any occasion, a great pair of loafers will make a
stylish first impression with just the right mix of modern elegance.

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