Celebrating Mother’s Day – A tribute to Shoe Connection’s Mum’s style

Without a doubt, our mothers are the most important ladies in our lives. Whether we like it or not, over the years we’ve collected and compartmentalised memories of our mothers donning the craziest perms, tackiest jerseys and the most incredible shoes!! Today on the blog, we pay homage to all mums by celebrating Shoe Connection’s mother’s finest fashion moments.
Happy Mother’s Day! We love you X


Sophie B (Women’s Buyer)
This is my mum Christine in 1968 photographed by a photographer while out for dinner with my dad. In those days my dad took my mum to some wonderful jazz bars, to Downstage Theatre to watch the latest plays and frequented the best restaurants in Wellington. The Hotel St George was considered very posh and a typical menu included an entrée of shrimp cocktail, followed by carpet bag steak or Chicken Kiev and either a cheese board or Crepe Suzette for desert. The height of sophistication was to drink the meal with a bottle of Mateus Rosé. It was an exciting time to date as the music was amazing and the city felt alive with fun and newness.


Tash (Marketing)
This is a photo of my Mum Julie taken at Disneyland, California in 1979. Her and my Grandparents were heading back to the UK for a holiday and to visit relatives, but made a few stop-offs on the way. She always seemed to nail whatever style she was going for, and that day it was a cute tube top paired with a floral midi skirt, a popular choice in the 70’s. She’s wearing a shell necklace which she bought at Honolulu Airport the day before, along with her heart shaped locket which she’s had since she was a kid, and still has today. As you can probably tell, her hair was inspired by Farrah Fawcett’s feathered curls!


Sophie S (Online Content)
This is a photo of my mum Pauline in the late 60’s just before she moved down to Wellington to study School Dental Nursing. Mum was living at a hostel on Willis Street. They were only allowed to stay out till 2am if they were attending a ball so my mum made her own ball invitations so the Matron would grant the curfew! The music scene in Wellington was busy and vibrant during the 60’s and 70’s with many bands performing live in dance halls throughout the city. If you were a daring woman about town, you wore miniskirts, go-go boots and dark and heavy eye make-up. If you were a tad more conservative (like my mum), you stuck to the sling back shoe, a shift dress (a good few good inches above the knee) or even a trouser suit!


Sasha (Product Team)
This photo of my mum was taken in the mid 70’s – 1976. She is wearing her favourite brown knee high suede boots with laces up the front. She teamed them up with long flowing 70’s dresses and skirts with an overcoat. To this day, she still talks about how much she loved those boots!!

judelizgloria copy

Maria (Product Team)
This is of picture of my mum Liz and two of her sisters at a party in the mid 1970’s. At that time, it could be hard to find the fashion they wanted in New Zealand so the sisters would often sew their own clothes. While this looks like a dress up party, it was the height of fashion at the time!

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