Straight From Sweden – Introducing Vagabond


Vagabond [vag-uh-bond]
1. A person who wanders from place to place.

The Vagabond brand was founded in the late 60’s and originally produced men’s shoes. A lot has changed since then. In the 80’s, a group of young entrepreneurs transformed Vagabond into the brand it is today!


The Swedish shoe brand is dedicated to creating signature Scandinavian designs, perfect for everyday wear. Vagabond turns these creations into cutting edge shoes, featuring chunky heels and over exaggerated platforms. Quality materials, offbeat accents and monochromatic styling set Vagabond apart from the rest.


Vagabond shoes and ankle boots look great styled with layered clothing in different materials and textures. Pair with cigarette trousers, shift dresses and sheer skirts in black, grey and white. Accessorize this look for summer with a wide brim felt hat and oversized sunnies.

Vagabond is exclusive to Shoe Connection on New Zealand shores.


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